To Concrete Pumping

"Data is like garbage. You'd better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it.'"

-Mark Twain
In traditional workflows there is an abudance of systems and plenty of data in lots of different places. You are often left to pull this data together and interpret it on your own.

You deserve systems that function to provide the right information at the right time to the right person in the right form. This data should be:
  • Focused
  • Proactive
  • Actionable
Integrations with Pump and Truck Computers
Most concrete pumps contain computers that hold useful information. PumpTrack is the only software solution that leverages this existing data to give you greater insight into your pumping and dispatch operations.

Set up

PumpTrack detects that the pump is on site and that the PTO has been engaged. Dispatch is automatically notified that the pump is on the job and has begun setting up.


Begin Pumping

As the pour begins, the yardage is automatically tracked giving dispatch a better view into what is happening on the job.


Problems Pumping

The operator and dispatch are alerted that the concrete in the pump is beginning to set up as the concrete temperature is rising* and the hydraulic pressure required to pump concrete has risen beyond normal operating pressure.


Job Completion

As the pour finishes and the operator begins washing down, dispatch is automatically notified that the pour is complete.

Advanced Quote to Billing
PumpTrack is the only software solution that properly links the quoting and billing processes.

Send your customers a quote on your letterhead with your terms and conditions, agree on the quote, get the work, and you are done!

No additional input into the billing system, no need for a billing clerk to chase down a salesman, and no disputes with a customer about the prices or terms being charged.
Improved Lien and Custom Paperwork Processing
Processing paperwork is becoming more and more challenging for every business today. Fail to submit paperwork on time and you lose lien rights, or experience a payment from a customer being withheld. Let PumpTrack help you not miss important document filings.
  • Automatic prelien request submittals to customers. PumpTrack can detect when a new job is started and automatically sends a request for prelien information to the customer. Instead of the customer filling out a form and faxing it back, the prelien information is entered by the customer and fed directly into the PumpTrack Lien processing system.

  • Do you need to know jobs that have been completed with outstanding money owed so that you can protect your lien rights? Simply set in a time period on when you need to be alerted and PumpTrack will tell you automatically what jobs require action.

  • Have you given a customer a conditional lien release and still not been paid? PumpTrack can alert you when this occurs and/or send an automated email to the customer requesting payment.

  • Are there custom paperwork requirements in your market? Let AgileTQ review them with you and find ways to improve the process.

Multi-Featured Accounts Receivable System
Improve your collections automatically with PumpTrack.

Features and functions found in PumpTrack will get you paid quicker, increasing the cash flow of your business without hiring more help!
  • Improved Customer Contact Tracking
  • Automated Payment Reminders
  • Detailed Notes and Advanced Follow-up Capabilities
  • Easily Access and Send all Tags and Invoices to your Customer!
Acceptance of Company Terms and Conditions Simplified
When problems arise on a jobsite and there are disputes, PumpTrack is designed so that acceptance of a pump company’s terms and conditions is mandatory before a new job or a new pour is started.

PumpTrack provides you with the ability to choose a method of accepting terms and conditions that aligns with your business practices. Examples of possible choices are:
  • New Account

    An additional benefit of the credit application process being integrated into PumpTrack! Submittal of a credit application can be made possible only if a pump company’s terms and conditions are accepted.

  • New Quote

    PumpTrack allows you to incorporate your company’s Terms and Conditions into your quotations. As the quotation is integrated into the billing process, PumpTrack can make it a requirement that the quotation be accepted before a pump is sent to a new job.

  • New Jobsite

    For those new jobs where a pump is supplied without a quotation, PumpTrack can detect the new job and require acceptance of Terms and Conditions before assigning an operator to be dispatched to the project..

  • On the Job

    Through the electronic ticketing, PumpTrack can require the pump operator to get acceptance of Terms and Conditions from a customer prior to commencing a pour.